About the project

REACH-C is a national prospective multi-centre observational cohort study

REACH-C aims to collect basic clinical and demographic data on all sequential patients initiating DAA-based treatment from March 1st, 2016 through a national network of sites from a diverse range of service providers, including primary care physicians. All data is de-identified and no individual patient consent is required. This study has been reviewed and approved by St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC/16/SVH/223).

The objectives of the REACH-C study are:
1. To monitor levels and types of treatment uptake over time as therapies for HCV infection evolve;
2. To assess patterns of treatment prescription over time and by genotype, fibrosis stage and other key variables;
3. To assess treatment response rates to DAA-based therapies including the reasons for treatment failure;
4. To monitor rates of retreatment including for treatment failure and for reinfection.

REACH-C study procedures:
Study procedures will comprise data collection only. Treatment will be at the discretion of the treating clinician. A one-page data collection form will collect basic demographic, clinical, treatment and outcome variables. As this is an audit study no individual patient consent will be required. Data will be de-identified (unique patient code will be used).

Inclusion criteria:
Participants must have commenced DAA-based treatment for hepatitis C during the period of study evaluation.
Exclusion criteria: N/A